Friday Night Philosophy

This is a very good post by an old friend.

Day by Day

For a few years now, people have been coming by boat from various countries via Indonesia to an Australian territory, Christmas Island. They have sought asylum in Australia because they are refugees from places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Sri Lanka. Their numbers are miniscule as compared to those who arrive by air who then seek asylum. The Labor Party tried the humanitarian approach by allowing the refugees to come to the Australian mainland where their applications were processed to determine whether they were genuine refugees. Not surprisingly, the numbers seeking asylum increased. So, also, did the numbers who drowned when their leaky boats sank.

The Opposition party used these increased numbers to make political capital so that the Labor government was forced to try to stem the flow by denying the refugees entry to Australia, and shuffling them off to anywhere that would take them, including Nauru and…

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3 thoughts on “Friday Night Philosophy

  1. Hi Brad. In the end, I think the humanitarian approach will prevail. Too bad about the thousands of genuine refugees who have been kicked around as a political football though… I do wonder how some people sleep at night.


  2. Say, you might want to come back to Watts Up With That. You’ve gotten a number of answers from various people there. Seems there’s a lot of information you have missed concerning the southern hemisphere.


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