Saudi photographer tells me: This is not Syria, its not a grave and the boys parents are not dead

This article is related to my previous reblog of ‘Friday Night Philosophy’. If you’ve seen the image of the boy sleeping between two graves, you really need to read this.


By Harald Doornbos

There’s a big chance you have seen this dramatic picture of a Syrian boy covered by a blanket sleeping between the two graves of his dead parents. It went viral after some big accounts published it yesterday on twitter.


There is only one problem: The picture is not from Syria, but from Saudi Arabia.

Frankly, there are more problems regarding the picture: Because there are no bodies in the graves either.

And the graves are not graves but piles of stones made to look like graves.

And the sad sleeping boy did not lose his parents at all. He is the little son of the photographers’ sister, who made these pictures as part of an art project.

The photographer is twenty five year old Saudi national Abdul Aziz al Otaibi. I decided to call him and ask for his comments. And sure – he is pretty annoyed…

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