On a Roll With my (Kinda) Macro

The lenses I use are not true macro lenses. But they have that capability. I have a Canon 1100D, with an 18-55mm and a 55-250mm lens. Both are part of the two lens package that gets thrown together sometimes. The kit is getting on and has seen some abuse and knocks and bangs. But it seems to work ok.

Lately I’ve been getting in close to see the little creatures. In an earlier post, I showed some images from an 80cm x 80cm area. Well, in the pic below, that area surrounds the Crows Nest fern. It takes in the edge of the Eucalyptus Torelliana and some foliage. I try to restrict my ‘640sq cm’ images to that spot. One day I’ll catch the Rainbow Lizard (a skink) that hangs around there. I’ve added some new photos of some Boll Weevils eating and doing the Wild Thing. Plus, there is an image of a 12cm Emperor Moth, a tiny gecko that landed on me from the roof. Oh, and some other stuff that I’ll add as I go.

My little creature snapping area. Out of the rain, and always has something small and interesting going on

My little creature snapping area. Out of the rain, and always has something small and interesting going on

The Creature zone

The Creature zone

Today I found a few Boll Weevils, madly chewing on whatever they could, and getting friendly. If you look at the pair on the flower where one is eating, you’ll notice a Yellow/green droplet on the flower head below them. That’s Weevil wee.

Boll_weevil_eating flower

Boll_Weevil_MatingThe St Andrews Cross Spider has settled in. She tends her web carefully, and sometimes has 2 cross arms, other times she has the full 4.


I found another Emperor Moth. This one has a 12cm wingspan. I’m hoping to see bigger moths as the months progress.

moth_EmperorOn the table beside the 640sq cm, I saw this ant. It is about 1.5cm long, and looks nasty. I put it in the garden. Those pincers looked mean.

Big_AntThe March flies have been driving us to distraction at times. These big buggers land on you, then jam a hypodermic proboscis in you and suck your blood! Luckily they’re slow. Let them land on you, and just as they settle to stick it in, SWAT!!


As I was writing this post, this little Gecko fell from the roof onto my shoulder. I put him on the desk and he looked back at me as if to, “Well, that was lucky wasn’t it.”

sm_geckoI caught the dawn a few mornings ago and the Kookaburras came to say hi. The shots are pretty ordinary because of the light.



I thought I’d add another photo of the cabin. I never tire of it.



5 thoughts on “On a Roll With my (Kinda) Macro

  1. I was about to ask you what sort of camera you use and you’ve answered that question for me. So they are boll weevils eh……we’ve got lots of em around here at the moment…neighbour’s kid’s been collecting them to keep as pets. Cheaper than dogs I suppose.


    • Yep. We seems to have a plague of those and grasshoppers GOF. Completely decimated my beans and Bok Choy and other greens. I mean stripped ’em bare. I’d need a safari park to keep all these buggers as pets. They’d look awesome in a Star Wars diorama though


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