Another Creature Feature

Greetings Earthlings

Greetings Earthlings

The girl above is a female Green Jumping Spider. ‘Malal’ is the generic term for spider in the local kuku Yalanji (k is generally pronounced ‘g’).  She is about 8mm long, but could grow to 12mm. Her scientific name is Mopsus mormon. Detailed information (yes, she will bite) is available on the Australian ‘’ website. The one in this image leapt at the camera just after I took this shot. She was about 10cm or so away from my lens before her leap. I urged her off the lens and onto a leaf in my 80 x 80 patch, but she did a runner (or jumper as the case was).

Papilio aegeus - Orchard Swallowtail

Papilio aegeus – Orchard Swallowtail

The butterfly (Walbul Walbul) above is called the Orchard Swallowtail, or Papillo aegeus. This one was kind enough to pose for about a dozen photos. I like this one.

Dendrelaphis punctulata

Dendrelaphis punctulata

We have a youngster in the house now, and this one was kind enough to visit my 80 x 80 patch. This one is a juvenile Green tree snake (kalkamuku is the generic term for snake), Dendrelaphis punctulata, not much longer than 20cm. I hope it hangs around for a while.



This is one of the few Christmas Beetles that visited the house late in the season. Yes, that is iridescence on the shell (the colours maaaan, look at the colours…).  The other one looked Gold, but showed some Green as can be seen below:

I'm looking at *you*

I’m looking at *you*

This Giant Green Mantis (Jarramali) was on my mate Norms leg one arvo. He didn’t want to disturb it, so I got it to pose for me.

A Stick Insect

A Stick Insect

There are a few different types of stick insect up here. This is one of many.

lil_frog01This Dainty Tree Frog hopped inside during the rains last week. It picked up some rubbish on the way in, but it headed outside again a little later. There were a half dozen or so calling out that night.

That’s probably enough for now. I hope you enjoyed these pics. If you haven’t clicked on the images yet, the first few are high resolution captures. So if you click on them for a larger image, you’ll see them in much better detail. Plenty more info about the creatures is available if you’re curious. Links are below:

Orchard Swallowtail
Snake Catcher .com
Christmas Beetles
Giant Green Mantis
Stick Insects
Dainty Tree Frog


4 thoughts on “Another Creature Feature

    • I like the way her eyes refract the flash light into a six pointed star. They’re not shy either. If they feel threatened, they’ll attack. People should be more wary of these, rather than big Huntsman spiders.


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