The New Bloomfield River Bridge – Part Three

The bridge is forming

The bridge is forming

I drove down to Wujal Wujal yesterday to renew my drivers license. I’m good for another five years now. The Bloomfield River bridge is looking pretty good now. The long spans that were made down South were transported in via the road overnight. I saw the empty trucks heading out this morning. The sneaky buggers did it at the lowest traffic time. In that I mean, there would have been NO cars on the road for the entire journey, almost guaranteed for the entire 50km run from the highway to here, over the mountains and through tight, blind corners. The spans are long, just look at the distance between the bridge pylons. It would have been a tricky run down from the Lions Den way to here. So, sorry, but no photos of any of the four trucks that I saw empty, full. Oh, the crossing has only just gone down enough for lower 4WDs to cross. The past weeks rains had made it impassable once again. The damming of the crossing from the bridge works helped contribute, but no-one is complaining. If you look in the middle distance, near the third span, you’ll see a Safety shirt. That is one of the guys paid to ‘Croc Spot’. There have been some big (5m+) crocs in the river. A couple days ago a horse got hit on the flanks and had to be put down. Someone found parts of a dog at Horse Crossing. It’s the breeding season, so the lizards are getting a little more aggro and territorial. When the weather cools, the crocs will settle.


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