It Rains Here But It Stays Beautiful


This little community is a pretty magical place. There are still strong ties to traditional culture despite over a hundred years of forced assimilation. The photo above is a detail from a series of murals painted by kids at the local school. This small part of a larger painting depicts what life was like before the white fella came.

I took a few photos along the river again. Someone is going to complain that I keep posting the same views. I probably should try some thing different this weekend.

The yacht

The yacht

Upstream in the morning

Upstream in the morning

You would have seen the yacht in this post a few days ago. At least I’m pretty sure that’s it. We don’t have many vessels in the river.

It has been raining heavy again. We had a break today, but I doubt that will last long. Our driveway/track became a small creek again:

Rain01 Rain02 Rain03

I decided that I needed to hassle the geckos again. These two were arguing over territory (I flipped the pic upside down, because it was disorientating):


This one had grabbed a spider and was caught as it spun around to hide behind some cover. See how his pads have flipped right back?:


The Orange-banded snake popped in one night to say hello. I coaxed it away from inside, rather than have it curl up at my feet. I think I got this shot at the worst moment for this type of snake. The Orange band almost looks part of the leaf:


Oh, and I saw this little spider that had been hit by a couple of raindrops. I love their eyes:



3 thoughts on “It Rains Here But It Stays Beautiful

  1. Yes I’ve watched on the rain radar the big clouds of wet gathering adn drenching all areas north of Cape Trib! They say the Low out nad up in the Coral Sea may reach the coast by end of the week, but where and how is another (enticing!) question . . . been loving this rain!
    What kind of snake is that, is it actuall caled an Orange Banded snake? Posionous?


    • Hey Simone, yep, it is an Orange Naped Snake if I recall correctly. Apparently poisonous, but the jury is out on exactly how poisonous. I guess not many people have been bitten by one. This one moves around the outside of the house at night. The rain was weird. It came after the cyclones moved away too. We got drenched again 🙂


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