When a Tree Falls in the Forest

We had a tree fall last week. In the Wet season, borers, termites and other wood eaters wreak havoc on some trees. This Bloodwood was rotting inside the base. On the outside, you wouldn’t notice. The bark and first few centimetres into the timber isn’t affected. However, internally it is dying. Once the timber inside has rotted and weakened, the tree has no core strength and eventually falls.

Fallen Bloodwood 01



Norm and the dogs had a bit of a wander over the fallen giant, while I took a few photos.

Fallen Bloodwood 02

Fallen Bloodwood 03Fallen Bloodwood 04If I had a chainsaw…I’d make some nice furniture out of this.

This one is close to where the other tree fell. It is showing signs of dying soon.

Fallen Bloodwood 07

Fallen Bloodwood 08As you can see by the grass in these paddocks, the Wet causes everything to go crazy. Whether it be the grass, the bugs, the trees, and even the humans, everything is affected.

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