Of Little Bats, Geckos and Mountains

I’ve spent some time trying to deny the ties that bind me to this beautiful place. I was torn between someone I love intensely, and this place. It has taken a lot of hurt to understand that I am ‘supposed’ to be here … for now at least.

The posts I publish are all just normal days for me. The creatures, animals, big lizards. The rain and the sunshine. The peace.

Every time I drive this road, I remind myself of how lucky I am to be here. The first pic was taken on Monday afternoon. The other was in February, when we had some rain about:

17-03-14. Looking towards 'The gap', Cedar Bay national Park. FNQ

17-03-14. Looking towards ‘The Gap’, Cedar Bay National Park. FNQ Australia

02-02-14 Looking towards 'The Gap', Cedar Bay National Park, FNQ Australia

02-02-14 Looking towards ‘The Gap’, Cedar Bay National Park, FNQ Australia

This view shows The Gap, and over those mountains bathed in light is Cedar Bay. The Gap runs through the South Western side of the National Park, but there are no roads into The bay.



A Little Bent winged bat was roosting in the rafters at the school on Monday. Unfortunately the kids found it and it became a game of chase the girls and little kids by the bigger boys. I rescued the bat from one of the students and put it in my pocket, expecting it to die of shock. The poor little bugger was shaking like a leaf when I rescued it. Anyway, it ended up home with me yesterday arvo. So i hung my shirt up on my open hanger rack and laid a towel over the top of the clothes. I went up to Cooktown to do the dialysis run, and when I got back, it had found it’s way out and was gone. Later that night, a small bat flew into the house and landed ‘on the table’. It then took off again and I haven’t seen it since. It may be roosting in the house somewhere. We already have one that likes the place. Another won’t be a problem.

Little-bent-winged-bat Little-bent-winged-bat-02One of our Cooktown Geckos is moulting. If you look at these pics, you can see the sheen has gone from the skin, and it looks a bit cloudy along the edges. It was hanging vertically upside down on the post and didn’t move while I took these photos

Cooktown-Gecko-Shedding Cooktown-Gecko-Shedding-02



3 thoughts on “Of Little Bats, Geckos and Mountains

  1. I’ve never seen a gecko with such amazing markings! I feel like creating a painting of such a creature, and instantly I see where much aboriginal visual art inspiration comes from!


      • Ahh, there is a cut tree trunk near the track that comes off Stoney Crk Rd (?) and teh shape of the flat trunk sticking out of the ground looks like a turtle, I keep thinking often that I want to ground some natural red ochre and charcoal and paint a turtle onto the trunk!!! But regardless, I’d love to paint the gecko, grand idea!


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