A bit of a rant, if you will indulge me…

I am totally over the growing trend of people, Australians, stating something along the lines of:
‘If you don’t like our way of life, leave. If you come to our country, learn our language, don’t follow your religious beliefs, conform to ‘our’ culture’. The same people then usually say, “If we went to your country, we would have to comply with your beliefs and culture.” So, you want to be just like all those countries that refugees flee do you? You want to impose your lores, beliefs and norms upon refugees and immigrants, in EXACTLY the same way as those countries and religions you seem to despise?
Well, you run with that. You already have a Prime Minister who will back you. He believes that women should be in the kitchen, that abortion is a choice for (predominantly) male doctors to make. He believes that people of other cultures have lesser value than his privileged White, Anglo-Saxon brothers have. He would happily force his Christian lores and laws upon you if he could. You just run with that folks. But please be assured, I will *never* walk your path, or condone your views.
I will now end my rant and speak of this no more. You all now know *my* opinion on the matter.


3 thoughts on “A bit of a rant, if you will indulge me…

  1. Nice piece of venting Brad. With the Federal and State leaders at the moment it does make you wonder where the hell we are heading. A little (or a lot) more tolerance and understanding by everybody on all sides would be nice.


  2. Hey mate, I know this is an old post, but hoping you’re all well and ready up there, possiblyh even evacuated for this monster Ita! you probably been through a few before, but a Cat 5 this big? Hopin all is well


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