An Apology-And an Ode to a Dog

Well, it has been a while. Not sure if it was a subconscious PTSD episode from TC Ita, or whether it was the need for me to concentrate on extracting my soul from another and start to learn to be focussed on my space.

Anyway, I’d like to apologise for not posting Ita related photos and stories as soon as She had passed. We had a power outage for a week before Ergon could get down to start repairs. Lines were ripped down by trees from Cooktown to here and beyond. Hundreds of kilometres of line runs through rainforest country. The surrounding large trees have a very shallow root system, as most rainforest trees do. The rains we had with the winds were too much for some. I promise to give you all a full run down on what happened over the past month in my next entry. For now, this is an ode to Floyd, our youngest dog. Tune out if you’re not a dog person 🙂

Floyd bonded to us out of a litter of seven. We picked him up when he about 5 weeks around July 2011, as he was the runt, and fed him up a bit :).

This was his first experience of the beach. He was tiny.

Floyd-31-08-11 Floyd-31-08-11a

We were going to name him ‘Pig’. However, after pondering this name and considering the thought that we had friends with pig dogs, who hunted pigs of course. The thought wandered to being out camping with the boys and calling our dog in the afternoon. “PIG!” All the other dogs would take off into the scrub looking for boar, while ‘Pig’ would come trotting over to us…so we went for Floyd. Pig, Animals, Pink Floyd, Floyd.

Floyd-31-08-11bAfter having a big feed.

This gives you an idea of his size. A large Chinese container, standing on the tailgate of a 60 series landcruiser.
Floyd-01-09-11Anyway, he grew up. When he was about 8 weeks old, he was sleeping under the wheel of a parked Jeep Wrangler. No-one saw him sleeping, as he was still small. Well, our mate drove away, rolling accidentally over him and in the process literally flattening his little chest. The quick thinking of a good mate, who blew air into his lungs, which effectively re-inflated his chest, saved his life. I spent the next few weeks supporting him when he slept, as his body was so badly bruised and sore, he couldn’t lay down. I’d hold him up, supporting his chest as he slept for 20 minutes at a time. He eventually came good, but was tender for some time.
His next ‘accident’ was when a spider bit him on the nose. He couldn’t move for 24 hours, but recovered as if nothing had happened. A month or so after the spider, he got hit by a snake on the leg. Luckily it was just a nick. He was in a bad way for about 48 this time, but recovered again.

He has 2 speeds. Asleep and 1000rpm.

Floyd-14-09-11 Floyd-10-04-12 Floyd-03-07-12 Floyd-01-07-12
Floyd-22-05-13 Floyd-26-06-12 Floyd-20-04-13Early this year, he got into a tangle with the neighbours hunting dogs that had taken to wandering up our track. Norm heard the commotion and raced down to see Floyd being pulled apart by 2 dogs. One had his hind quarters, and one a front leg. This was the result:

But, as you may have realised, Floyd is made of strong doggie stuff. We have no access to a vet here. We are in the bush. We used some oral antibiotics left over from when Jack was attacked by the same dogs, and ensured that The wound stayed clean. There was also some bad muscle damage that had me worried. These couple of photos cover the next 4 weeks. Yep, he healed in Four weeks.
Floyd-14-02-14 Floyd-09-02-14 Floyd-15-02-14So, that’s Floydus Interruptus, our Smithfield Cattle, Red nosed Pit Bull, American Staffie, and…wait for it..Harlequin Great Dane Bitsa.




4 thoughts on “An Apology-And an Ode to a Dog

  1. Holy cow, that’s one tough Floyd you’ve got there Brad. Wise move not calling him ‘Pig’.
    It’s a relief to hear from you again after the cyclone and hope you didn’t suffer too much damage.


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