Another reblog. This is beautiful. Another FNQ gem.



Certain forests tend to speak to me.
If that is the right wording?
Or they just use their energies to kind of persuade you and make you do the things you do.

Like driving to see them, for instance. And when you’re there, just placing your hand on certain plants or trees, or stopping and emptying the mind to just focus. Or sit and stare at nothing but the running water. And control how much time you spend doing these things. Like an intuitive feeling says “Okay, you’ve done enough meditating and contemplating, time to move on now.”

Last weekend, I went camping on my own, and whilst planning on a few ventures, rain and confusing walking tracks shortened my original plans. So I ended up here – Mt Hypipamee Crater. I have been here many times before, but the forest never fails me. It feels so untouched, yet so…

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