The New Dawg-PUPPEH!

We have a new puppeh. That is all.

Bella at 12 weeks

12 weeks old


OK, she’s a Mastiff, American Bulldog, American Staffie cross. She has big feet and lots of skin and is now 12 weeks old. As in 3 months. Oh, and she is a very switched on little girl too. And she’s cute :). And she will probably be a BIG girl when she matures.

Bella in the lillies

Sittin’ at the Lillies


So, how did I come to have another pup?

Water Baby

Water Baby


Well, a few years back, Norm and I were heading home from Cooktown in the late evening. One thing led to another and we (as far as this person is concerned) saved the lives of a couple of people. Anyway, I was in Cooktown a few weeks ago and ran into the girl who was one of the people we’d helped out that night. Now, I am a sucker for a puppy, but when she said to me, “Hey, do you want to puppy?” I said no and when she said there were 2 in the back seat of her car (we were at the servo), I said, “NOnotlookingnotlookingnotlooking” and proceeded inside to pay for my fuel. I was caught inside for 5 minutes or so and had assumed she’d left. HOWEVER, when I walked outside, there she was, talking to another friend right outside the doors of the servo. So, (I’ll call her ‘S’) S tells me about the pups. She wants $150 for one, and she will meet me at the Vets if I want one and she will get their shorts and worming done and then hand over the puppeh. I said that was an awesome way to do it, and as much as I want another girl, and preferably a big girl to have as another friend for the boys and to protect home, I couldn’t afford one but it would probably be a bad idea anyway….and she reached in the back seat and retrieved a little girl and put her in my arms and said “here, you can have her.” I said noooo. But S insisted. She said, “You saved our lives that night. This is the very least I could do for you. Besides, I know you will look after her.”

Well, what do you say to words like that? So this Bella, which is also, I discovered after naming her, the name of many of my friends’ dogs, present and passed away. So that’s cool. She’s as sharp as a tack, picking up cues from the other dogs, as well as learning manners and rules from Norm and I. House trained in 48 hours. Learnt to sit first day home in about 5 minutes. “Blah blah proud puppy parent blah blah.”


Bella 12 weeks

“This is what I’ll look like when I grow up Dad.”

I won’t finish this without a pic of my 2 boys. Jack and Floyd are lovin’ having a new pack mate, but she has been getting really cocky with them. Jack has taken to growling at her when she’s a metre away when he doesn’t want her climbing all over him. When he’s cool with it, he just lays there and Bella climbs all over him and hassles him until she gets bored. Then she hunts out Floyd and they rough house for an hour or so while Jacks gets a little peace and quiet. She doesn’t go near cars that come up the drive. I was picking her up for the first couple days when a visitor arrived, but one day left her down and waited to see if I’d have to call her back or grab her. The other dogs always run down to the cars, but when I left her down and said no to her, she sat at the top of the stone steps and didn’t move. She has done the same thing since then. I think she’ll be an awesome house protector :).

Anyway, proud puppy parent moment over. Here’s the boys:

This is my mate Jack, taken this month. He's nearly 10 years old now.

This is my mate Jack, taken this month. He’s nearly 10 years old now.






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