A Musical Interlude

This post carries on from the last one about the Internet Archive.

It so happened one day back in the early 2000’s when I probably should have been working, that I was doing a search through The Archive for old video and advertising about Industrial Hemp during the Second World War. I found some stuff related to my search but also found this band, The Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars.

  • Jason Concepcion (Netwerk:Electric) – guitar & effects
  • John Whooley (Estradasphere) – soprano, tenor and baritone sax, vocals, throat singing, didgeridoo, and conga
  • Aron Magner (The Disco Buiscits) – keys
  • David Murphy (STS9) – bass
  • Jeffree Lerner (STS9) – percussion & effects
  • Zach Velmer (STS9) – drums

The Allstars are a jamband or Super Jam band. They go onstage with no set list, nor any plan, and proceed to develop a sound that can at times have you wondering where you were for the past 15 minutes. The band have apparently only ever played 7 shows. This review describes the band better than IU can. Jambase review of SCHA show.

This Youtube clip will also give you an idea of what they sounded like.

If you decide to download the audio from The Archive, you will probably have to edit the file names and re-sort them into order to maintain continuity. iTunes really got confused until I managed to match song times on the web with those in my files and name them in order of track number. All the tracks had been named ‘tmp’ in the zip files.

schas4_cover (1)


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