Walking Around the Forest Edges and Sensitive Weed

There has been a break in the intermittent shower (read: flooding downpour) activity today, so I took the dogs for a walk down the ESE side of the block. Bella, the pup that is beginning to look like a horse, had been sneaking down over that side, past the tractor shelter. She was coming back covered in Black sludge, so had obviously discovered the Wet Season stream that runs through a gully under the canopy of the closed rainforest. The last time I had been to check that creek, I’d headed in a little further downstream, but the banks were choked with ‘Wait-A-While’ vines and you couldn’t get near the water.

We headed down the hill and through 2 metre high Guinea Grass in the paddock. I kept to the edge as there was a narrow gap/trail between the forest and the grass. The dogs and I headed in under the forest canopy and found the stream banks up here were steep, but open. The closed canopy of the rainforest in the gully had prevented any thickets of vines or shrubs from growing. These images are lighter than it really is under there.

Under the Canopy

You can see the stream in the bottom of the following image. It picks up all that vegetation and the leaves in there begin to break down. Bella jumps in and tramples around and comes out covered in Blackish sludge.

The Stream

Down the bottom, corner of the house paddock is the big Bloodwood that fell over this Wet Season. Next to it is another older, gnarly tree that is hosting a  couple of Basket ferns, some lianas, and a Strangler Fig that began life some 4 metres up the trunk.



There is a large cavity under the soil where the tree got uprooted. Something will live in there one day I guess.


I rebalanced one of the mobiles again, using an old piece of driftwood. I left this piece balancing on the stick for a few days, then glued it at its sweet point.


The mulch created by my mower is rotting down fast. This area will eventually get vegetables growing for us.


Speaking of vegies, the Pumpkin are powering on, and the usual creatures are residing among the leaves. This is a somewhat large Huntsman Spider resting under its warning web, with a small Jumping Spider staying safe on the grass stalk.


The Cocoon is still hanging in there.


I’ve been spending a lot more time walking around here bare footed. Many years ago I had tough soles, but with years of wearing safety boots, then hiking boots, then thongs, my feet became a little soft. They’re toughening up after a few months of no thongs. I’ve even been mowing these yards barefoot. About the only thing in the yard that bites your feet (other than spiders n stuff) is Sensitive Weed. This legume is a novelty, but really annoying if it takes over your lawn. They are called sensitive weed, because when you touch the plant, the fronds fold up. If you really shake ’em, a bit, the leaf stalks will fold back towards the main stem, exposing more nasty little thorns that the tips of can break off and get stick in your foot. See how m,any thorns you can see in the third photo down.




After our walk I made myself a cup of Lemongrass Tea. This is a quick way to get a nice mild cup. I take 8 or so 50-60cm long leaves, then scrunch and twist and tie them into a little bundle. Boil the kettle, pop your bundle in your cup and pour hot water over it. You can use a fork to mash the grass up a bit more to release the terpines and other oils. Very relaxing and also refreshing.






2 thoughts on “Walking Around the Forest Edges and Sensitive Weed

    • I’ve become an Eagle eyed weed spotter now Dayna. One day the yard will be sensitive weed free. One day. I was informed recently that it is used medicinally. I’ll have to research more.

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