Little Things in The Garden

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Early Sunday morning I wandered about the garden, letting my eyes wander about to little stuff. Unimportant stuff really, but all these little things are part of our garden. They all combine to create a calming space. Somewhere to ponder the world, or meditate, or just stroll about.

These leaves are from the one Hibiscus bush. The White one is the younger leaf. You can see the edges beginning to change colour.

Hibiscus Leaf

Hibiscus Leaf 2

I like the variety in texture and colour of the foliage about the house. This is a type of Ginger.


This is a new Kaffir Lime thorn. It is still soft, but will harden and become very nasty soon.


This is a new Crows Nest fern shoot. I like the way they unfurl over a week or so.



The Thai Basil flowers are swelling and will burst open soon.


A tiny fern is growing wild next to the new Aloe Vera plant.


The Mulberries are slowly maturing and starting to sprout fruit.


The Pumpkins have gone nuts



A variety of bugs like the Pumpkin. Native bees, and I’m pretty sure that’s a Pumpkin beetle.


This beetle, a borer of some sort was chilling on a leaf.



There are flowers about. Singapore Daisy is a noxious weed up here. I have it under control here in the yard, but there is still a patch at the back of the laundry.


The first of the Rosellas (a type of Hibiscus) are flowering. Jam and wine will be on the menu in a few more months.

The first Rosella flower of the season

The first Rosella flower of the season

This succulent produces tiny White flowers.


The ants are still on guard duty at their outpost nest. They pull leaves together and seal/join them with a fibre like spider web.


The grasshoppers are attacking a lot of the plants, but there’s plenty to share. They don’t eat too much…usually.

These buggers have been feasting on everything.

These buggers have been feasting on everything.

There are flies too. I mean, this *is* Australia. Not many, but they’re about.


The butterfly chrysalis is still there. One day…


The Birdseye Chilli at the back of the laundry/shower block is huge. It produces continuously throughout the year.



This is another chilli seedling that I’ve just transplanted. This is a Jalapeno or Paprika Chilli. We get people giving us chillis all the time and I didn’t keep track of what was what.


All this stuff is around the house garden. Life is everywhere.






Nautilus Shell.

Nautilus Shell.

This is part of an oyster shell I found on the beach a few years ago. I like the way the borers and coral over many years have eaten away at it. This is about 3cm x 2cm


The uncleaned Akubra badge on the hat I found a while ago. The Akubra part is 1.5cm long.


Finally, my trusty mower. Old, beaten, with no self-propelling anymore, but goes like a train.



One thought on “Little Things in The Garden

  1. Your red and green hibiscus leaf remind me of a photo of a city or country from way above, colour-coded to show land use. The large veins are like highways, with minor roads branching off. Maybe the green blocks are parks or forestry areas. Maybe each little square is a field or someone’s house.
    Leaves can be fascinating : )


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