Banging on About The Garden & Loose Dog Packs

I know there are seeds waiting for me at the Ayton store. They would have been delivered by the mail man (John) to Julie and Wayne’s shop this morning. But, I can’t go to the store for Two reasons. One, It is a little too warm for walking, and Two, one of the neighbours dogs, or maybe more (I only saw one), came up the top driveway this morning.

I was in bed about 6:45am (my alarm had gone off a little earlier 🙂 ) and heard the dogs race off, assuming they were chasing a Scrub Fowl. But then I heard a fight and Bella screaming. I raced out and grabbed the first thing I could; a lrngth of conduit, and bolted up after them. Bella and the other two had chased it/them down the drive, but then turned on Bella. She has puncture wounds to her inner and outer thigh and groin, plus a couple on her shoulders. I got down the drive as Bella and Jack raced back past me toward the house. Floyd was behind them with the neighbour’s Cattle dog cross right on his tail about to grab him by the leg in full flight. As it went to grab, it must have seen me bearing down on top of them like a freight train. It spun on itself and bolted back down the drive as fast as it had come up. I had no chance of catching it. If I had my spear in my hand instead of a length of plastic pipe, well…

I’m not happy. This is the third time this has happened with the same pack of pig dogs. These dogs of mine don’t wander. Also, they’re house guard dogs, not working dogs as such. 99% of people who have trained teams of pigging dogs around this area keep their animals behind a secure fence or in a pen/run. It shits me that a minority of irresponsible owners won’t keep control of what should arguably be called dangerous weapons. I have no desire to harm their animals, nor any others for that matter. However, if this occurs again, I will have to do something extreme. The home owners and their grown children know about the last 2 times it happened and promised to try and control their dogs. Obviously they haven’t tried real hard.

Vent over. Back to the garden. There are lots of seeds waiting for me in the ‘G’ Pigeon Hole at the store. Radish, Watermelon, Rockmelon, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Nasturtium, Capsicum, Snake Beans and Four surprise packs, because I ordered another catalogue. I have a catalogue for 2014/15, but ordered another because I like anticipated surprises.

I settled my seed angst by going up and digging around and spreading some more diluted Seasol around the patch. Then I planted some more Snow Pea seed along the fence, filling the gaps between the sprouted Lebanese Cucumber and the other ‘Mammoth Melting’ Snow Peas that have broken the soil surface. Then I thought bugger it, and planted another patch of All Seasons Carrot and a small plot of Sugarloaf Cabbages.

This is a rough layout of what is and will be planted that I did last night. It has changed a bit since my planting binge this morning, but you get the idea. I hope the text is large enough to read properly. Click on the image and it will give you an embiggened view.

Rough planting plan for the resurrected garden

Rough planting plan for the resurrected garden

Being a little obsessive when I first create a new growing space, I get a tad excited when the first seeds begin sprouting. Gardening is the one thing I do where I can imagine what the end result will look like if I follow the right path of enlightened care. How very Zen. Seriously though, gardening is another of those activities that allows me to meditate on things while I do my stuff. It is a complete escape for me.

Most of the photos below are low resolution images. I needed to shrink my file sizes while this bandwidth throttling malarky is going on. I took all these today, this morning. The photos of the garden also have Bella Photo-bombing them. She is sticking close since the neighbour’s dog attacked her.

One of the first seedlings to sprout. This is Lebanese Cucumber

Lebanese Cucumber Sprout

Lebanese Cucumber Sprout

Looking from the down hill side of the garden towards the gate (looking SSW)

Looking from the down hill side of the garden up towards the gate (looking SSW)


I’m going to clear all that grass you can see in the foreground and turn it into mulch with the mower. I’ll dig it out and plant something in there.

The Sunbird is making good progress on her nest. These are the latest. Check this post for an earlier shot.



This photo shows why the Sunbirds like this spot. Lots of confusing wires and hanging moving things. Hard for predator birds to get close other than from one direction with no perching points.

Female Sunbird building her nest

Female Sunbird building her nest

2 thoughts on “Banging on About The Garden & Loose Dog Packs

  1. Gosh! Poor Bella! I hope she heals without any problems.
    Would you believe that Victorians are deprived of Sugarloaf Cabbage? Indeed, when I first moved down and asked the guy at the fruit shop (actually, more than one place) if they had any or could get some, he had no idea what I was talking about. My sister sent me a photo of one with a label to prove to people I wasn’t crazy.
    Loving the sunbird photos 🙂


    • Thanks Dayna. She’ll get better. Moving slowly because most of her injuries are on her hind legs. Poor Victorians :). Gotta love Sugarloaf cabbage. I’m going to document the work this little Sunbird does over the coming days. She goes all day on that nest. Backwards and forwards with silk, web, grass strands and other bits and pieces.

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