I Got Stoned…I Mean Stones

I bet that title gets nearly as many random search hits as ‘My Sister Is An Exhibitionist‘ did.

I’ve had this collection of stones (well, *we* had…you know) since about 2006 I think. We found these at a carpark/rest stop at Blackwater, Central Queensland early one morning. We had pulled up to go to the loo and have a stretch and found a broken jar with all these stones strewn on the ground. Turns out they were tiny sapphires. We once had a varied collection of rocks. Mainly Agates and stuff we’d found on the gravel banks of the Dawson River out Gogango way in Central Queensland. We added these to our collection and over time the agates and other bright shiny objects were given away or lost. These stones remained in a small segmented tackle box type thing. The images capture about a 4cm by 3cm sample of the different shades/colours of the sapphires. There is also one with some Blues and Stars. But remember, they’re tiny and basically worthless in a monetary way. I think they’re beautiful, and priceless.






These are the unusual ones. So much colour:


These are the last of many little, weathered stones that we collected from the river.


This is my first rock balancing attempt. It’s kinda cheating because there is a little hollow in the bottom stone that the top one sits in. That top stone is roughly the size of pumpkin seed, but a bit fatter. It’s also translucent, like the base stone is. Whenever I hold the smaller stone, it (lookout for the hippy influence here) gives off an energy that I can feel.


Oh, and this stone. I’m not sure if it is a tiny bit of river worn glass, a very clear sapphire or quartz crystal, or a tiny diamond. I’ll leave you to ponder:



Oh, I almost forgot the Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is a somewhat rare form of Chalcedony, yet is found in Central Queensland, as well as Western Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Arizona, California, and Brazil. This piece is 5x3x3 cm, which is big enough to tumble or attempt to shape/carve. One day I’ll do something with it.



Lastly, I got arty and did a conch type theme with the Nautilus shell





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