And The Days Go By

Another week has gone and it looks like the rain may settle over the next day or so. It eased enough for me to mow the whole house paddock yesterday, which is good, because a messy paddock is like bad Feng Shui…

Ah, a mowed lawn

Ah, a mowed lawn

I’ve got all the grass and weeds away from the side of the house and bath shed, so now the satellite dish compost maker is working again.


The vegetable patch is loving the weather, except that the flowers aren’t getting pollinated because the native bees are hiding.



I’ve just about eaten all the radishes now. Still a few in the ground, a couple of which I’ll save for seed.

Bok Choy and Radish

Bok Choy and Radish

A couple nights back I was in the shower, enjoying the steaming hot water and the thought of being in the middle of no-where with nature all around. It was a very spiritual moment. Then a Gecko shat on my head.

So, this morning I thought, “Why not take a photo of the privacy and views that the bathroom has?”

This is the view from the bath/shower. The screens and plants provide privacy (not that you really need it out here), while affording a nice view.

Bathroom view

Bathroom view

Then I got side-tracked and had to take another photo of the washing machine (don’t ask why, just humour me). I bought this monster so we could wash blankets in it. The little twin-tub just didn’t cut it. Co-incidentally, the ABC Radio Saturday morning show is talking about washing machines as I post this :).


Of course, the power and water efficiency stats are not real flash. Our government controlled rating system gives this thing 2 for power and 3 for water efficiency. At 139 litres a load, it’s pretty bad. But we have spring water.


Back to the yard. The Bar Shouldered Doves are enjoying the seed that is now on the ground after mowing.


Oh, and the Lemongrass is going to seed. I’ll be saving those too, and I’ve set aside some Rosellas for seed too.



Last pic is a view from right at the sink and stove. Turn around while cooking or washing dishes, and this what you see:



3 thoughts on “And The Days Go By

  1. Looks very tranquil. I remember the days of sharing my outback shower with centipedes, frogs, geckos and occasional snake. I had a large window actually inside my old shower and could see the moon and stars through it at night. That’s what I remember most about being out there. The skies. And the privacy. No neighbours to see you walk around in your undies. Although it’s surprising how the rare visitor can catch you out! In a couple of years I will be free to travel again and I hope to make it up to far north Queensland as I’ve only been as far as Townsville. I’ve yet to see the tropical rainforests of the north. I used to grow rosella bushes but never got enough to make jam. Thanks for a great post and pics about your life. Have fun with the washing machine. 🙂


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