Oh, So You’ve Decided to Post Again have you?

It’s been a long time, and last time I posted, I said I’d post more often, but I didn’t.

A lot has been happening in the world of Brad. Most of you know I moved down to ‘The Big Smoke’ last year to look after a friend. There were other reasons, but I won’t bore you with details. I’ve started taking photos again. Sometimes with my Canon D1100, but nowadays mostly with my new phone. I picked up a Sony Xperia Z5 late last year on an Optus prepaid plan. It costs me around $75 a month with unlimited national calls to landline and mobiles, 300 minutes of International calls, and unlimited texts. I also get 8gig of data allowance which is plenty for my needs when I’m away from the house. We have a broadband connection at home with unlimited data, so I hook into that when at home, which is often.

I’m on the job hunt at the moment, but have just signed up to do a Cert III in Individual Care. You know, looking after people who need assistance; in their homes, or in care or wherever I may be needed. I’m going to specialise in in home care, as I reckon I’d like to help people retain some of their independance. I know that when I get old and crusty, or if I end up with some sort of debilitating condition that I’d like to stay home, rather than go into a care facility. I guess sometimes that’s not possible, but for those that can, I think it helps maintain a little dignity.

So, what have I been up to in terms of taking snaps? Well, I’ve been getting to know my old stomping ground again for one. You see, I ended up back on the Northside of Brisbane, only 5 kilometres or so from the house where I spent my high school years. Wow, hasn’t this place changed a lot, yet stayed the same. The ‘suburb’ I’m living in was largely Pine forest back before I left in 1980 (I came back in ’84 for a bit, but didn’t stay too long). There are entire neighbourhoods full of houses and streets where we once rode bikes and grew pot in the bush. There are industrial estates that have replaced farmland and even now, more housing estates are being developed on what was until recently rural blocks of cow  and horse paddocks. It’s kind of sad. But hey, more and more people want to live here, so these places succumb to progress and a little greed.

The City of Brisbane has changed a lot. Especially the roads going into the place. Freeways and clover leafs, and tunnels and bypasses and old minor ‘shortcut’ roads that have become four and six lane motorways. It was a bit of a surprise, but I’ve got back into the city mode of driving again. Definitely a big change from the dirt tracks and tiny, quiet roads of the remote Far North.

I guess I should stick some photos up here hey? I’ll just put them up as I feel like it, There is no timeline of events, or any reason for what I’ll post. They’re just random, with a description :).

Just down the road, about a 20 minute walk I guess, is Lake Kurwongbah. This lake was created by damming Sideling Creek, to supply water to the Petrie Paper Mill that was constructed in the 1950’s. The mill itself was the main employer for this area for many years and only closed down 2013. The site was purchased by the local regional Council is set to become a major University in years ahead. Anyway, back to the lake and dam. The spillway has for as long as i know, been a gathering point for teens around the area. Great expanses of concrete with slopes and berms that beg to ridden on with skateboards and bikes make it a magnet for adventurous kids. The graffiti artists around the place love it too. The walls are a canvas and some good art has been created here. It’s a shame the taggers ruin the good stuff though.

Violent DreamsGraff01

PusGraff02An ode to the taggers’ challenge. The QR ‘Dam’ trainGraff03DropGraff04

The lake itself is quite pretty and is used by boaters, rowers, water skiers and fisherman. In the early morning it is quite beautiful and is a habitat for a myriad of birdlife.


I was in the City last week and wandered about some of the paths just down from Southbank. These paths follow the River from Southbank all the way to the Storey Bridge, a few Kilometres downstream. There are sculptures and other artworks dotted all along the walk, and the kangaroo point cliffs are a favourite of inner city rock climbers.

Steel penguins on an old pylonSteelPelicans01Part of the old wharvesWharf_ColourThese sculptures are part of a series that were relocated after Expo ’88Sculpture05The tide creates tonal ranges on the rocksTidalToningsSunset in the River CityRiverCity03Street Art on the walkwayBirdArt01BirdArt02

The Kangaroo Point cliffs are favourites for City climbersKangarooPointClimber01KangarooPointClimberThe Southeast Freeway glows at sunsetRiverCity01

The prominent building in the above photo is known as ‘1 William Street‘. It is the new State government building being built at a huge cost to taxpayers. Yes, it’s interesting, and it makes a statement, but there is a lot of office space going to waste in the city that could have been utilised by the Government. It is also a photo bomber.

We went to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for a visit as well. I am pretty impressed by this place. It’s huge and contains lots of interesting, kid friendly art and architecture.
cilento01cilento02The rescue chopper landed while I was outsideRescue01These sculptures of native Bees are in the ‘Meeting Place’, a quiet area dedicated to the indigenous people of Queensland. They are about a metre square.Sculpture06The atrium inside the hospital is adorned with large sculptures of parrots and can be seen from most floors in the building.Sculpture04

I’ll post again soon with more photos of the City and some from the local area. I hope you enjoyed this little return photo fest :).

Oh, there was a blimp floating around advertising a new online appliance store as well.Blimp01


3 thoughts on “Oh, So You’ve Decided to Post Again have you?

  1. Really appreciate the update and photographs Brad; it was sorta like a gestation period waiting for the baby to arrive. 🙂 I was wondering what powerful forces could have made you leave your little spot in paradise. That could not have been easy. Hope your new career works out….the baby boomers are going to need lots of Individual Carers.


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