My parents had a Corgie Cattle dog cross back in the 80s and on. Dad and Shandy were best mates and would go fishing and camping together and share icecreams. When dad died in late ’97, it was just mum and Shandy. I can’t remember the year Shandy died, but I remember Mum and how it affected her. She said to me one day, “Shandy was my last connection to your father”. That simple sentence carried so much loss and grief.

My old mate Jack is around about 15 years old now. He is my connection to Tina. Jack was Tina’s boy. She taught him everything and he understood her words. Me, he knew I was a soft touch and would try to take advantage of it whenever ‘mum’ wasn’t nearby.

I could tell a thousand stories about Jack, and many more about how Tina and Jack interacted. I’ll do that in this series.

These will be the memories stories, written now so that my kids get to know my life story, because mum and dad’s stories are fragmented and I would give anything to be able to read about their childhoods and how they met, and how each of them felt about life as they grew up. So, expect many more memories, because this is for my kids.


One thought on “Memories01

  1. I think more people should leave stories of their life for their descendants. My family was all about that and we have an archive of written material that tells all about the eccentric personalities of a few generations ago, right up until now.

    On the subject of good dogs, my best childhood dog was a corgi/kelpie cross. The mother was pure born Welsh Cardigan, purchased for show breeding, and the father was the working dog from the farm 30 kms away, who walked over and did the deed before they could pair her with the chosen mate. After the third litter of mixed puppies, the owner gave up and sterilised her. Such a great combination of traits and we loved that dog so much.

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