About this lunatic

My name is Brad (or Gryphonn, or Gryph, or Griff). You may also know me as ‘@UncleChilliMan’ in the Twitterverse.
I live in a cabin on the edge of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area. My housemate and I have a landline, electricity and an NBN satellite connected 22 inch iMac. No mobile, no TV, no radio. You’ll see my place on the blog.
I am also a bit of a Pink Floyd tragic…and I like dogs…and the sun.

If you found me by accident, read http://thegreenbus.wordpress.com if you want my past history. Well, this blog is the newest one, but the Bus contains a lot of stuff as well.

I also take a few photos. For all images on my posts, click for a larger view.

(Image added 20 April 2013)

Two crocodiles

Harry the croc is big. The croc on the left is 3 metres long.


11 thoughts on “About this lunatic

  1. My sister says my eyes look like a serial killer. Should I remove the freaky eyes? UPDATE: Freaky eyes gone. Updated with scary face.


  2. Far out Harry is BIG! That’s kinda freaky.
    Loved your ‘when I was a hippy’ – when were u (roughly)? Just wondering.
    I have a friend in Tassie – a woman named Gryphon too 🙂
    Fare Well


  3. Hi Brad/Gryphonn, I write small pieces of project news for a consultancy business who was amongst the businesses engaged on the Bloomfield Bridge Project. We plan to feature a short piece covering the project on the company website and I wondered if I might be able to feature a couple of the excellent photos from your blog of the project with the piece (crediting you), and also refer to your blog in the text (again giving you full credit). Would this be possible? It’s an impressive blog – brings to mind Dylan Thomas for some of the poetry in it, and the pictures are fantastic.


    • No worries newcy. I’ll have another post up soon with more images of the bridge. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I missed the odd mishap during construction, but have been enjoying watching the progress. Cheers


    • Loved the article. I’ll post a link to your page on my next bridge post if that’s ok. I’ll take a few more shots tomorrow and do a catch up with pics from earlier in the year as well.


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